Saturday, August 1, 2009

Memory Lane - University - People and Their Love with Animals

There we go.... Dr. Tillu was about to start his lecture on... on... on.... never mind! The topics of discussions varied liked the current fluctuations in the stock markets in his lecture. About what we witnessed that day, we had heard in canteen discussions in college but no one ever had seen this kind of thing in person.

So as usual Dr. Tillu started with his lecture with, ha ha ha and everybody is happy!. We never really figured out who this 'everybody' was because happiness and attending his lecture were quite a bit mutually exclusive. Out of sudden there was noise amongst group of students sitting near the window. Some of them actually called rest of the class to come to window to check out themselves what was going on outside. There used to be a small garden just in front of our department where couples used to come to entertain university students with their activities. So the initial reaction was may be someone spotted a couple in an adventurous postion, no big deal! Ya, you know how much we are used to sex in India. If not by the process but surely by its outcome. So what was Dr. Tillu doing all this time? He was busy lecturing our act-like-studious-but-no-real-knowledge crowd about benefits of taking this course. He really didn't bother much about if at all the whole class was paying any attention to him, and we really appreciated that a lot. Not many people in this world set their expectations in par with their actual capabilities!

Almost everyone who was considered normal went to that window in anticipation of seeing something exciting. But what they saw was not fitting into the definition of an excitement. Our jaws dropped to floor as we remain stunned watching it and convincing our brains to believe what our eyes were seeing. There was this guy - may be one of the university staff - sitting next to a wall of old structure. He was playing with his pet, a dog. Or should I say, he was playing with his pet's pet. This fellow in the middle of afternoon, thinking no one can see him, was holding dog's dildo and shaking it vigorously. Sounds as sick as it was to see. But soon our extremely disgusted feeling turned into a spontaneous laughter. We were laughing our asses off for a long time, may be on the sickness of his wild imagination or may be everyone just wanted a break from this mental harassment. I mean, does these kind of things exist in reality? Yes they do! and we saw them happening!

Soon Dr. Tillu realized that may be at least for the sake of his self respect he should call us back to listen why would everybody will be happy. Later that day we were sipping some coffee at old canteen, we noticed that guy passing from there. We looked at him, to be precise at his hands.

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