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Swine Flu India medical center list



King Institute of Preventive Medicine (24/7 Service)

Guindy, Chennai – 32

(044) 22501520, 22501521 & 22501522

Communicable Diseases Hospital

Thondiarpet, Chennai

(044) 25912686/87/ 88, 9444459543

Government General Hospital

Opp. Central Railway Station, Chennai – 03

(044) 25305000, 25305723, 25305721, 25330300


Naidu Hospital

Nr Le'Meridian, Raja Bahadur Mill, GPO, Pune - 01

(020) 26058243

National Institute of Virology

20A Ambedkar Road, Pune - 11

(020) 26006290


ID Hospital

57,Beliaghata, Beliaghata Road, Kolkata - 10‎

(033) 23701252


Government General Hospital

Near Railway Station,
Trichy Road, Coimbatore - 18

(0422) 2301393, 2301394, 2301395, 2301396


Govt. General and Chest Diseases Hospital,

Erragadda, Hyderabad

(040) 23814939


Kasturba Gandhi Hospital

Arthur Road, N M Joshi Marg, Jacob Circle, Mumbai - 11

(022) 23083901, 23092458, 23004512

Sir J J Hospital

J J Marg, Byculla, Mumbai - 08

(022) 23735555, 23739031, 23760943, 23768400 / 23731144 / 5555 / 23701393 / 1366

Haffkine Institute

Acharya Donde Marg, Parel, Mumbai - 12

(022) 24160947, 24160961, 24160962


Government Medical College

Gandhi Nagar P O, Kottayam - 08

(0481) 2597311,2597312

Government Medical College

Vandanam P O, Allapuzha - 05

(0477) 2282015

Taluk Hospital

Railway Station Road, Alwaye, Ernakulam

(0484) 2624040 Sathyajit - 09847840051

Taluk Hospital

Perumbavoor PO, Ernakulam 542

(0484) 2523138 Vipin - 09447305200

Gurgaon &

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

Ansari Nagar, Aurobindo Marg Ring Road, New Delhi - 29

(011) 26594404, 26861698 Prof. R C Deka - 9868397464

National Institute for Communicable Diseases

22, Sham Nath Marg,
New Delhi - 54

(011) 23971272/060/ 344/524/449/ 326

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital

Kharak Singh Marg,
New Delhi - 01

(011) 23741640, 23741649, 23741639
Dr. N K Chaturvedi – 9811101704

Vallabhai Patel Chest Institute

University Enclave, New Delhi- 07

(011) 27667102, 27667441, 27667667, 27666182


Victoria Hospital

K R Market, Kalasipalayam, Bangalore - 02

(080) 26703294 Dr. Gangadhar - 94480-49863

SDS Tuberculosis & Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases

Hosur Road, Hombegowda Nagar, Bangalore - 29

(080) 26631923 Dr. Shivaraj - 99801-48780


Sunday, August 9, 2009

You said it all

They say, one picture says of thousand lines. But sometimes few lines make thousand pictures shy.

Got it from,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Homeopathy... The Hoax!

Ben Goldacre on Homeopathy from science TV on Vimeo.

You can read more here on this article by Bad Astronomy blog.

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Shilpa Shetty and a monk

No Comments ! ;-) If you are really feeling that should know more, the go ahead at your own risk. Click here to know more.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't Try Carrots, I Don't Like Them

I was in Regensburg, Germany few months back. My favorite dinning place was a restaurant called 'Vitus' across the river from where I stayed. I was told this restaurant specializes in a food which is basically from German-French border.

One of the evening I went their with one of my friend to try out something new. Now there was something special about the waitresses there. They were hot! and also very friendly. Me being an Indian and my friend being an American, we had no idea what was written on the menu card. They don't have menu cards in English! So we decided to take a help from a waitress on what to order.

There comes a waitress... with her broken English trying help us by making sounds of animals which go in a particular dish. My friend liked one dish on which she sounded very negative. We thought may be they don't make it good here. On that this legendary waitress replies,

This dish has carrots. Don't take it. Because I don't like carrots!

My cruel friend went ahead and ordered the very same dish!

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Heaven and Hell

Original post is here.

Where the police are British,
The cooks are Italian,
The mechanics are German,
The lovers are French and
It's all organized by the Swiss.

Hell is:
Where the police are German,
The cooks are British,
The Mechanics are French,
The lovers are Swiss and
It's all organized by the Italians.

Cudos to Chennai High Court

Being an Indian you surely know what to expect from the police around you, Nothing! When was the last time anyone you know personally went to police because they wanted help? Indian police is mere a joke on the face of nation. A force found exploiting the civilians, the very same they get paid to protect! Of course, there are some good people out there in them, but unfortunately their honest work gets negated by the mass who is simply unfit and immoral.

Taking about morality, while gulping my daily dose of news on an article about Chennai High Court's decision to dismiss the plea of our moral police to regulate spas instead of checking on criminals and corrupt politicians seemed very encouraging. At least there is someone in this nation who believes in democracy and personal freedom. If not the representatives of democracy at least our courts are trying. Having said that, they too have a long way to go before a common man uses them without getting dragged into timeless game of 'Tharikh ke upar tharikh" (just takes too long here to get justice!)

Quoting the High Court of Chennai,

Police as on date has no legal right to prevent a health spa being operated by any citizen of this country, even if it (massage) is done by persons belonging to the opposite sex. As pointed out by the Supreme Court, majoritarian impulses rooted in moralistic tradition cannot impinge upon individual autonomy... In the absence of a law, the only argument of the state was based upon moral and ethical grounds.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Microsofty's Day Out to Work!

Microsofty out on the streets of Bangalore!

A snapshot into the life of an ex-Microserf making his way to work in Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley. Travel with Lonely Planet. Produced by Baxta Jackson for

In Soviet Russia..

Back in my university days I got a habit... or an obsession. I started hanging out on Slashdot! The motto was very catchy, The news for nerds. Stuff that Matters! One of the things that you get hooked onto that site is something that is called as a slashdot culture. A bunch of words, mind you use them outside this geeky company and you are surely going to invite some strange looks.

One of the commonly used term was, In Soviet Russia..... The term used to make humor by rearranging words in a sentence by putting the original action in front of the term 'In Soviet Russia..' For example,

In America, you catch a cold.
In Russia, cold catches you
Many times this humorous quotes had a very strong political message, which embrace the idea of free speech. Something like,

In California, you can always find a party. In Russia, The Party can always find you. -- Yakov Smirnoff

You can enjoy more of these here!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Memory Lane - University - People and Their Love with Animals

There we go.... Dr. Tillu was about to start his lecture on... on... on.... never mind! The topics of discussions varied liked the current fluctuations in the stock markets in his lecture. About what we witnessed that day, we had heard in canteen discussions in college but no one ever had seen this kind of thing in person.

So as usual Dr. Tillu started with his lecture with, ha ha ha and everybody is happy!. We never really figured out who this 'everybody' was because happiness and attending his lecture were quite a bit mutually exclusive. Out of sudden there was noise amongst group of students sitting near the window. Some of them actually called rest of the class to come to window to check out themselves what was going on outside. There used to be a small garden just in front of our department where couples used to come to entertain university students with their activities. So the initial reaction was may be someone spotted a couple in an adventurous postion, no big deal! Ya, you know how much we are used to sex in India. If not by the process but surely by its outcome. So what was Dr. Tillu doing all this time? He was busy lecturing our act-like-studious-but-no-real-knowledge crowd about benefits of taking this course. He really didn't bother much about if at all the whole class was paying any attention to him, and we really appreciated that a lot. Not many people in this world set their expectations in par with their actual capabilities!

Almost everyone who was considered normal went to that window in anticipation of seeing something exciting. But what they saw was not fitting into the definition of an excitement. Our jaws dropped to floor as we remain stunned watching it and convincing our brains to believe what our eyes were seeing. There was this guy - may be one of the university staff - sitting next to a wall of old structure. He was playing with his pet, a dog. Or should I say, he was playing with his pet's pet. This fellow in the middle of afternoon, thinking no one can see him, was holding dog's dildo and shaking it vigorously. Sounds as sick as it was to see. But soon our extremely disgusted feeling turned into a spontaneous laughter. We were laughing our asses off for a long time, may be on the sickness of his wild imagination or may be everyone just wanted a break from this mental harassment. I mean, does these kind of things exist in reality? Yes they do! and we saw them happening!

Soon Dr. Tillu realized that may be at least for the sake of his self respect he should call us back to listen why would everybody will be happy. Later that day we were sipping some coffee at old canteen, we noticed that guy passing from there. We looked at him, to be precise at his hands.

Friday, July 31, 2009

BMTC bus conductors loot their company!

I don't really remember what had happened to us when we decided to go by the public transport offered by our Bangalore municipalty. As usual there was no 'bus stop' as such (I know you bastards from Bombay, laughing at this now!), but just looking at the 'gathering' of confused looking people we thought may be that's the one!

After a long wait in on a rainy day with nice water logging right in front of us, where we 'assumed' the bus would stop, the beast finally arrived... I mean the bus. We wanted to go from Contonment Railway Station to Mekri Circle. It was around 9:30 PM. So we boarded this BMTC bus. To our surprise the conductor was way too accommodating and sweet talker. I asked him to give me 2 tickets to Mekri Circle. He takes the money and gives me a look of what people from Bombay call as 'Alibagh se aaya hai kya'? I got the message in his eyes. He was no in mood of giving me tickets. He kept the money for himself!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nandan's brief of his first day in parliament!

(take your own call on how real this could be) - Got it via email from a friend.

Continuing my tryst with capturing the life and times of Nandan Nilekani in his new avatar as a Cabinet Minister, here is what he had penned after his first day in the Parliament. The last entry stopped when the House was just about to begin. Let’s see what happened thereafter….
The House was in pin drop silence. I was brimming with anticipation and excitement!!!! Manmohan had informed me that my introduction was one of the important points of the agenda. I hoped that I will be able to make my speech properly. After so many interviews and conferences, I was nervous today!!!! After the Speaker indicated that the proceedings of the House could begin, Manmohan formally introduced me to the entire House. He mentioned that as the head of the Unique Identification Authority of India, I was responsible to ensure that each and every Indian had a digital smart card as a proof of his existence.

Manmohan spoke about why I was selected and also some references to the various projects executed by me in Infosys were mentioned. The House listened with rapt attention. I was asked to say a few words and I did exactly the same!!! I thanked the Government of India for having given me this opportunity and I assured the House that I would strive to successfully deliver this project. The Speaker then formally inducted me into the House and before the proceedings could move any forward, there was a small commotion on the other side of the hall.

It was Minister of Textiles who had a comment to make before the next point on the agenda. He made a request that I should be attired in a more austere way instead of a flashy suit. It did not go well with the image of a minister who should live to serve the common man and should be less ostentatious in his habits. I stood up to reply. I offered my apologies to the Honourable Minister and assured that I shall be in a more acceptable dress next time. I felt that he was right. We also used to have corporate dress code in Infosys. So it's here as well!!!!

I sat down and felt somebody nudging me. I turned around and to my surprise; it was the former Indian skipper and one of my favourite batsman Mohd. Azharuddin. I remembered that he had recently won the elections. I smiled at him and mentioned to him that I used to like his game very much, shaking his hand. No Rolex, I noticed. Azhar told me that he would “fix” me an appointment with an Italian designer who had designed his dapper Kurta suit. An Italian designer in Milan doing Kurtas!!!!! I made a note of this and reminded myself to give this example to Friedman for his next book,” The World Markets are flattened”.

Since there was no doubt about the “Fixational” capacities of Azhar, I told him to give me the details and I would consider. The proceedings of the House went on with numerous bills being debated and passed as I sat as a passive audience waiting for my project’s turn to come up. After the lunch break, it was the moment for me!!!!


I was at sea. My laptop did not have any reserve power. I went to Manmohan and apprised him of the situation. I was sweating. He calmly replied that this would not be a cause of concern. I was flummoxed!!!! The Speaker asked me to explain to the House on what were my plans for the Unique Identity Project. I replied that I have a plan prepared for 30-60-90-120 days’ milestones and I have presentation to make for which I need a power socket, a projector and a screen. I had no idea what was going to happen after this.

The next couple of minutes were a complete jolt for me. I was completely in a tizzy. Let me just summarize what happened. A Joint Cabinet Secretary Committee was set up to judge the feasibility of my request. The Under Secretaries for the Ministries of Power, IT and Broadcasting will prepare a Viability Report after scrutinizing National Security threats to my request. This was because the power socket comes under Power, laptop comes under IT and projector comes under Broadcasting. I have also been told to reconsider my timelines of 30-60-90 days and start thinking in terms of years. Probably, they are right. I did not have the foresight in this matter.

The summary of the issue is that I need to come up with a more inclusive, democratic, comprehensive long term plan for this project to be executed over the next five years. I have also been given a presentation slot 3 months from now (by which the issues related to the power cord etc will also be resolved). I am filled with mixed reactions. I was planning for a quick resolution; the management wants a strategic solution. I come out of the House and text Murthy.

“You won’t believe it but these guys work just like us. I am on a NATIONAL BENCH for the next three months!!!!!!!!”

Friday, July 24, 2009

What Makes Change happen?

An interesting post by Jonh Sameul