Monday, August 3, 2009

Cudos to Chennai High Court

Being an Indian you surely know what to expect from the police around you, Nothing! When was the last time anyone you know personally went to police because they wanted help? Indian police is mere a joke on the face of nation. A force found exploiting the civilians, the very same they get paid to protect! Of course, there are some good people out there in them, but unfortunately their honest work gets negated by the mass who is simply unfit and immoral.

Taking about morality, while gulping my daily dose of news on an article about Chennai High Court's decision to dismiss the plea of our moral police to regulate spas instead of checking on criminals and corrupt politicians seemed very encouraging. At least there is someone in this nation who believes in democracy and personal freedom. If not the representatives of democracy at least our courts are trying. Having said that, they too have a long way to go before a common man uses them without getting dragged into timeless game of 'Tharikh ke upar tharikh" (just takes too long here to get justice!)

Quoting the High Court of Chennai,

Police as on date has no legal right to prevent a health spa being operated by any citizen of this country, even if it (massage) is done by persons belonging to the opposite sex. As pointed out by the Supreme Court, majoritarian impulses rooted in moralistic tradition cannot impinge upon individual autonomy... In the absence of a law, the only argument of the state was based upon moral and ethical grounds.


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