Sunday, August 2, 2009

In Soviet Russia..

Back in my university days I got a habit... or an obsession. I started hanging out on Slashdot! The motto was very catchy, The news for nerds. Stuff that Matters! One of the things that you get hooked onto that site is something that is called as a slashdot culture. A bunch of words, mind you use them outside this geeky company and you are surely going to invite some strange looks.

One of the commonly used term was, In Soviet Russia..... The term used to make humor by rearranging words in a sentence by putting the original action in front of the term 'In Soviet Russia..' For example,

In America, you catch a cold.
In Russia, cold catches you
Many times this humorous quotes had a very strong political message, which embrace the idea of free speech. Something like,

In California, you can always find a party. In Russia, The Party can always find you. -- Yakov Smirnoff

You can enjoy more of these here!

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