Friday, July 31, 2009

BMTC bus conductors loot their company!

I don't really remember what had happened to us when we decided to go by the public transport offered by our Bangalore municipalty. As usual there was no 'bus stop' as such (I know you bastards from Bombay, laughing at this now!), but just looking at the 'gathering' of confused looking people we thought may be that's the one!

After a long wait in on a rainy day with nice water logging right in front of us, where we 'assumed' the bus would stop, the beast finally arrived... I mean the bus. We wanted to go from Contonment Railway Station to Mekri Circle. It was around 9:30 PM. So we boarded this BMTC bus. To our surprise the conductor was way too accommodating and sweet talker. I asked him to give me 2 tickets to Mekri Circle. He takes the money and gives me a look of what people from Bombay call as 'Alibagh se aaya hai kya'? I got the message in his eyes. He was no in mood of giving me tickets. He kept the money for himself!

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