Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't Try Carrots, I Don't Like Them

I was in Regensburg, Germany few months back. My favorite dinning place was a restaurant called 'Vitus' across the river from where I stayed. I was told this restaurant specializes in a food which is basically from German-French border.

One of the evening I went their with one of my friend to try out something new. Now there was something special about the waitresses there. They were hot! and also very friendly. Me being an Indian and my friend being an American, we had no idea what was written on the menu card. They don't have menu cards in English! So we decided to take a help from a waitress on what to order.

There comes a waitress... with her broken English trying help us by making sounds of animals which go in a particular dish. My friend liked one dish on which she sounded very negative. We thought may be they don't make it good here. On that this legendary waitress replies,

This dish has carrots. Don't take it. Because I don't like carrots!

My cruel friend went ahead and ordered the very same dish!

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